Friday, May 20, 2022

Australia’s Avass Group to manufacture electric buses & Batteries in Saudi Arabia

Avass Group has signed an agreement with Saudi Arabia’s Government to jointly manufacture electric vehicles and lithium batteries.

The partnership stems from the consideration of strategic advantage that Saudi Arabia has due to its location at a central point between both Asia and Europe. The agreement bolsters Avass Group’s plans to mass manufacture Full Electric Buses and Lithium Batteries in Saudi making use of its strategic location.

“The agreement will also greatly assist the trade relationship between Saudi Arabia and India and help Avass to provide an integrated solution for batteries, EVs.”

Dr. Allen Saylav, Group Chief Executive Officer at Avass

The Australian company Avass is based in Melbourne. The company says it has delivered a vast array of research and development technology throughout its locations in Australia, India, Singapore, Indonesia and Saudi Arabia. For its future outlook, the Group says that its “strong presence of a dedicated supply chain”, and is exploring “different market opportunities and creating economies of scale”.

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