Thursday, May 19, 2022

Biden wants millions of electric vehicles in America but is the infrastructure ready?

If you have been following the news then you know that American President Joe Biden is a big supporter of more electric vehicles on the road. We agree with you there Mr President. We would love to see more EV on America’s roads as well. But there is one big problem that the country is facing and it is outdated infrastructure. If you are living in California and Texas then you will still remember the recent power interruptions.

This is a massive problem when it comes to EV adoption because if the grid is down we can’t charge our electric cars. On top of that we see an increase of electric car sales which will put even more pressure on an outdated grid.

The U.S. reached “the tipping point” this year, said Mary Barra, chairman and CEO of General Motors. Demand for battery-electric vehicles is growing at a record pace. We support this but there are also Studies that find that consumers are still reluctant to buy electric cars because of a lack of a nationwide charging network and growing concerns about the energy grid. So even if people want more electric cars they are hesitant to buy them because of the grid.

us power grid
us power grid

Those are all issues that President Joe Biden aims to address through the proposed infrastructure bill that would set aside $170 billion to directly back the shift to battery-electric vehicles. About 10 percent of that funding is earmarked for a coast-to-coast charging system so charging your electric vehicle anywhere in the country won’t be an issue anymore.

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“We need to jam on the accelerator here,” Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm said during a recent online seminar outlining the administration’s desire to promote battery electric vehicles.

“We’re going to double down on our R&D in the technologies that will make EVs easier to manufacture, easier to deploy, easier for the American people to access,” the former Michigan governor said.

There are a number of reasons behind the administration’s push for battery-car technology. There’s the need to reduce CO2 emissions in order to meet global warming targets. There’s a desire to reduce America’s dependence upon petroleum imports, and there’s also a growing concern that China will wind up dominating the EV segment — something that raises defense, as well as economic, concerns.

The new US Government appears to be on the right track. The focus is on improving the energy infrastructure and to add more electric charging stations. As you can imagine the We Go Electric Team supports this.

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