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California’s Golden Empire Transit orders 5 Fuel Cell H2 New Flyer buses

New Flyer has received an order from In California’s Golden Empire Transit District (GET bus) for 5 forty-foot fuel cell-electric Xcelsior Charge H2 heavy-duty transit buses.

The new order follows a GET bus purchase in 2020 of 5 forty-foot fuel cell-electric Xcelsior Charge H2 buses. GET bus is the mass transportation provider in Bakersfield, California. The Company is transporting more than six million passengers per year.

The order was purchased off of a California Department of General Services (CDGS) contract. NFI Group’s New Flyer was selected by CDGS as an approved supplier of electric vehicles in 2019. The purchase of the buses was prompted by the Zero-Emission Bus Rollout Plan.

Xcelsior Charge H2 heavy-duty Bus
Xcelsior Charge H2 Heavy duty Bus

New Flyer’s Xcelsior CHARGE H2 is a battery-electric vehicle that uses compressed hydrogen as an energy source and range extender. The Bus only requires 6-20 minutes to refuel.

There have been a number of orders for New Flyer hydrogen buses in California. In summer this year, San Francisco Bay Area’s Alameda Contra Costa Transit District (AC Transit) ordered an additional 20 Xcelsior CHARGE H2 fuel cell electric buses.

The order was a follow on from AC Transit’s 2019 purchase of ten hydrogen fuel cell-electric and five battery-electric buses.

In February 2020 Orange County unveiled 10 New Flyer fuel cell buses also announcing the county also announced what was then the largest hydrogen fueling station in the nation for public transportation.

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