Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Dopravný Podnik Bratislava orders 16 Solaris Trollino 24 Electric Buses

Polish Bus Maker Solaris has landed its first order for the Trollino 24. The 24-meter version of the Solaris trolleybus will debut on the streets of the Slovakian capital Bratislava in mid-2023. The order comprises 16 units 24 meter trolleybus.

The public transport operator Dopravný Podnik Bratislava (DPB) is the Customer. The order value is said to amount to almost 17 million euros. The current order was preceded by a test run with the 24-meter trolleybus in the city’s regular service in November 2020.

“Due to year-on-year increases in passenger numbers, the carrier was faced with the need to increase passenger capacity on some of them. Therefore, the capacious trolleybus has turned out to be a perfect solution for metropolises with increased passenger traffic,” Solaris informs.

The Polish manufacturer first presented the Trollino 24 at Busworld in Brussels in 2019. The bus is powered by two traction motors with 160 kW each, which feed two drive axles.

The motors get their power from a 58 kWh battery, which in turn draws energy from the overhead line via a pantograph mounted on the roof. Thanks to the large buffer battery, the Trollino 24 can also cover distances without overhead lines. The driver can switch between overhead line and traction battery mode at the touch of a button.

If you want to get a feel for how long this Bus is watch the video below:

Trollino 24 Trolleybus

The model has space for 160 passengers, including 60 on seats.

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