Friday, January 21, 2022

DRIVR & Toyota deploy 100 hydrogen taxis in Copenhagen

The app-based taxi service DRIVR has deployed more than 100 hydrogen cabs in Copenhagen, Denmark this month.

The 100 Toyota Mirai significantly increase the number of hydrogen vehicles in the Danish capital.

While the partners do not disclose details on hydrogen supply or the number of fuelling stations, Tejs Laustsen Jensen, CEO of Hydrogen Denmark, said, “the many new taxis help create the necessary take-off of hydrogen at the service stations, which is essential for the development of the infrastructure.”

He also considered the taxis “rolling showcases for green hydrogen technology, which is an area where the strong Danish value chain of subcontractors is among the world’s best.”

DRIVR’s vehicles were funded under the European hydrogen for transport projects, Hydrogen Mobility Europe 2 (H2ME2) and Zero Emission Fleet vehicles For European Rollout (ZEFER).

The Danish government is planning to ban sales of ICE cabs by 2025 and demands that all existing taxis must be emission-free by 2030. DRIVR is preparing its Fleet already.

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