Sunday, January 23, 2022

EnBW opens mega HyperNetz EV charging park in Germany

The energy Company EnBW has officially opened one of the largest fast-charging sites in Europe at Kamener Kreuz. This is where up to 52 electric cars can charge simultaneously and with up to 300 kilowatts of peak power.

The new charging park services the Kamener Kreuz. The location is a busyintersection located in the Rhine-Ruhr metropolitan region connecting highways across Germany with highway 1 in the north-south direction and highway 2 in the west-east direction to Berlin.

This intersection is used by an estimated 160,000 vehicles per day. A perfect location for the EnBW HyperNetz Station. Watch the official launch trailer below:

The megapark is equipped with 26 Alpitronic HYC300 Hyperchargers, which can charge one vehicle with up to 300 kW or two vehicles with up to 150 kW each.

The covered charging stations have a solar roof. The mega-charging park also has toilets and covered seating facilities.

The virtual launch event was attended by Hendrik Wüst, Minister-President of the state of Nordrhein-Westfalen who opened the “flagship charging park” with EnBW CEO Frank Mastiaux.

“With this outstanding project at the highly frequented Kamener Kreuz site and the opening of one of the largest fast-charging parks in all of Europe, we are reaching another milestone on the road to the mobility of the future,” said the politician from Germany’s centre-conservative party, the CDU. “This consistent expansion is needed to successfully shape the transport transition and mobility of the future in the long term – especially here in the commuter state of North Rhine-Westphalia.”

Minister-President Wüst called

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