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Israeli tech startup ElectReon to deploy smart road charging infrastructure in Tel Aviv

Israeli wireless “smart road” tech startup ElectReon has expanded its partnership with the Tel Aviv-Jaffa Municipality and the Dan Bus Company. The Companies plan to launch a large-scale commercial deployment of its wireless charging infrastructure to power electric buses in Tel Aviv.

The $9.4 million deal includes a five-year agreement to supply some 200 public buses operated by Dan with active charging at city terminals between bus trips and while passengers board and disembark. In the first stage, ElectReon will integrate its charging systems into 100 buses at the Reading public transport terminal in north Tel Aviv, after which the charging infrastructure will be expanded to other major terminals in the city and in the south region of Israel for a total of 200 buses, the company said in a statement on Tuesday.

ElectReon will finance the charging infrastructure at the terminals and provide operational services and maintenance throughout the length of the project. The Dan Bus Company will pay a monthly fee for the service, according to the agreement.

ElectReon Electric Bus in Israel

ElectReon was founded in 2013 and the Company has been developing a system to charge electric vehicles (EVs) while in full motion using copper coils laid beneath the asphalt to transfer energy from the electricity grid to the road and to manage communication with approaching vehicles.

Receivers are installed on the floor of the vehicles to transmit the energy directly to the engine and the battery while the vehicles are on the go, doing away with concerns about limited driving range and short battery lifespans.

This summer, ElectReon welcomed former Israeli president Reuven Rivlin as company president to “enhance the company’s collaboration with governments and global companies, as well as to share our activities with decision-makers around the world.”

“With ElectReon there is an incredible opportunity to decarbonize the transportation sector by growing a network of electrified roadways that will make EV ownership more attainable,” Rivlin said in a post at the time.A Dan Bus Company electric bus being charged using ElectReon’s wireless charging infrastructure at the Tel Aviv University terminal.

An illustrative image showing a bus charging while in motion in Tel Aviv using wireless charging infrastructure tech by Electreon

Based in the northern Israeli community of Beit Yannai, Electreon already has a number of running partnerships in Europe to pilot its smart road tech in Germany, France, and Belgium.

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In Sweden, ElectReon has installed a 1.65-kilometer (1-mile) electric stretch used by a bus and a truck on the 4.1 kilometer (2.5 miles) route between the airport and town center of Visby on Gotland Island.

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