Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Jeep Grand Cherokee will come as Plug in Hybrid Model next year

Jeep has announced a new generation of the Grand Cherokee SUV, which will also be offered as a plug-in hybrid for the first time. The PHEV Version is to be offered in North America in early 2022 and in other markets later in the year.

Like Jeep’s current PHEV models, the Grand Cherokee will also receive the name suffix 4xe. The total range is planned to be 708 kilometers.

Jeep does not mention the charging power in the announcement, but the charging port is located in the left front wing. The PHEV can be used in three modes, “Hybrid”, “Electric” and “eSave”. When the battery charge level approaches the lower end, the vehicle automatically switches to “Hybrid” mode.

Jeep Grand Cherokee

Since there is another clutch between the combustion engine and the electric motor, the all-wheel-drive should also be able to be used purely electrically – unlike, for example, Jeep’s smaller PHEV models, where the electric motor only drives the rear axle. In the announcement, the Americans state that the Grand Cherokee 4xe can tackle the demanding Rubicon Trail purely electrically.

Depending on the equipment, three different all-wheel drive systems are available, sometimes with a focus on the road, but for the Trailhawk equipment also optimised for off-road driving.

Consequently, Jeep CEO Christian Meunier speaks of the “most technologically advanced, luxurious and 4×4-capable Grand Cherokee in the brand’s history”. “The Jeep Grand Cherokee is our global flagship and will lead the Jeep brand into a new era of premium refinement, innovative technologies, advanced 4×4 capability and electrification,” Meunier said.

Jeep did not disclose pricing or exact launch dates outside North America.

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