Friday, January 21, 2022

Momentum Dynamics installs wireless charging for buses at Kansas Airport

The Kansas City Aviation Authority is investing in an inductive charging system for electric buses at the Kansas City International Airport. Momentum Dynamics will provide the charging solution to charge the buses when the new terminal opens in early 2023.

Two 300 kilowatt (kW) wireless inductive chargers will be located at shuttle bus stops at the New Terminal just outside of baggage claim.

The inductive system will provide frequent incremental charging so that buses can stay in service along the seven-mile loop without needing to return to the depot for charging during the day.

The existing electric buses are to be retrofitted with Momentum wireless system. The buses will park over the inductive charging pads while they are waiting for passengers and can continue while passengers board and depart the vehicles. To start off with, four existing BYD K7 30-foot electric buses will be retrofitted with the Momentum wireless system.

Momentum says that with this system, the bus batteries remain nearly fully charged throughout the day. The expectation is that these two chargers can support the entire fleet of approximately 28 vehicles, which of course removes the need to have a dedicated charger for each bus.

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