Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Nikola Motors parters with TC Energy to install ‘Hydrogen Hubs’ production facilities

Nikola Motor is forging partnerships to develop and install hydrogen fueling infrastructure in North America.Nikola has announced a strategic collaboration with TC Energy aiming to install ‘Hydrogen Hubs’.

TC Energy, a North American energy infrastructure company, has agreed to collaborate on co-developing, constructing and operating large-scale hydrogen production facilities, which they call hubs, in the United States and Canada. Nikola says its energy business unit and TC Energy were “actively collaborating” to identify and develop projects to establish the planned hydrogen hubs in what the companies consider “key geographic locations”.

Nikola Motors Tre Fuel Cell Truck

Nikola Motors defines hubs as producing 150 tonnes or more of hydrogen per day near highly travelled truck corridors with the cooperation aiming to install these within the next five years. The company also stresses TC Energy’s “significant pipeline, storage and power assets that potentially can be leveraged to lower the cost and increase the speed of delivery of these hydrogen production hubs”.

The companies left targets such as the number of hubs open.

The first examples are to go to selected customers in the USA. Next year, the Tre will also be deployed in Europe. Among others, the port of Hamburg is to become a pilot customer in Europe. In the medium term, production in the German city of Ulm is to increase to 3,000 vehicles per year.

And there are other signs that Nikola is recovering. Earlier in October, it gained fresh capital and continues to work with powerful partners such as Bosch that will deliver fuel cells for the Tre trucks in Europe.

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