Thursday, May 19, 2022

Nio Stock drops despite record deliveries

Yesterday we reported that NIO delivered record 10,628 units in September. Despite the record deliveries Nio Stock lost 0.73% today.

The good news first: Nio sold more cars than its Chinese rivals in September. The Company also sold more electric vehicles than it projected. Furthermore the ES8 is now its first car to be sold in Europe. All good news this week but unfortunately the Stock did not react as many expected.

Nio Stock drops on October 1
Nio Stock drops on October 1

The weakness in the EV stock’s price is surprising given that Nio reached a milestone and reported solid delivery numbers for September today, even topping its own projections.

Nio delivered a record number of 10,628 vehicles during September. This is up 125.7% year over year. Here’s a breakdown of the number of cars it sold by model:

  • The ES8 SUV: 1,978 units.
  • The ES6 SUV: 5,260 units.
  • The EC6 coupe: 3,390 units.

We will keep you posted about Nio Stock’s performance in the future.

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