Friday, May 20, 2022

Norway’s Post replaces 177 diesel vans with Electric Vans

The Norwegian Post (Posten Norge) is replacing another 177 of its diesel delivery vans with electric ones. The first 132 electric Opel Combo-e have already arrived. Another 45 are expected to join the fleet in the coming weeks.

The vans, which have already arrived, are ready and waiting at the port of Drammen, Posten Norge writes in a statement. The company’s technical department had first converted them: for example, the passenger seats were replaced by a shelf for letterboxes. The Opel Combo-e will now be delivered to local sales units throughout the country.

The Post does not provide further details on the versions of the vehicles ordered in its press release. The Opel Combo-e is known to be available in the variants: Combo-e Cargo, Combo-e Cargo double cab and Combo-e Life (estate). The Combo-e Cargo and Combo-e Life are available in two lengths: L1 and L2.

The 177 new electric vans will be in addition to the 378 electric transporters ordered in October 2021, of which 323 units have replaced fossil fuel-powered vans as well as 18 existing electric transporters and 37 have joined Posten Norge’s electric fleet.

In addition, the Norwegian Post ordered 29 electric trucks from Volvo Trucks as recently as February. The order represented Volvo Trucks’ largest order from Norway to date. The electric trucks ordered by the Norwegian Post have the same driveline, but are divided between different configurations of the FL Electric and FE Electric models with two and three axles respectively.

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