Thursday, January 20, 2022

SEA Electric to convert 10,000 American school buses to EV

SEA Electric has received another major order. The American school bus dealer Midwest Transit Equipment (MTE) wants SEA to convert 10,000 existing school buses to electric vehicles.

SEA Electric and Midwest Transit Equipment have partnered up to equip 10,000 school buses with battery-electric drive systems. Midwest Transit Equipment is to provide the chassis that are to be equipped with the SEA-Drive propulsion system and thus become purely electric school buses.

The retrofit of the 10,000 school buses is to be completed in the next five years. The school buses to be converted are of the US school bus class Type A and Type C. Type A is the smallest US school bus type with a length of 6 to 7.5 meters and is based on a van chassis. The traditional Type C school buses are built on truck architectures.

“This commitment is the most significant in this segment to-date. It not only illustrates the appetite for transition to 100% electric transport, it defines the point-in-time that the commercial vehicle industry transitioned to sustainable scale, without the need for incentives”

Tony Fairweather, Founder and CEO

SEA Electric says that the conversion will extend the life of the buses by more than ten years and that two to three converted buses can be had for the price of one new electric bus.

“The secondary use of school buses fitted with all-electric drivetrains makes a lot of sense; it keeps costs down, opens up considerable availability, creates green jobs right here in the US all while making a difference in the environment and the health of the communities we serve.”

Mike Menyhart, President Americas and Chief Strategy Officer at SEA Electric

According to John McKinney, president and CEO of Midwest Transport Equipment, the partnership with SEA Electric will ensure that it can respond more quickly to customers’ needs.

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“As the industry moves towards zero emissions we are positioned well with our SEA Electric partnership to be a leader of the electrification movement,”

John McKinney, president and CEO of Midwest Transport Equipment

SEA Electric also recently closed a financing round of 42 million US dollars to further expand its business. The main investor in this round was Exro Technologies, a Canadian company with which SEA Electric has also inaugurated a strategic partnership in the course of this agreement.

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