Friday, January 21, 2022

Skoda begins tests of electric trucks for internal transport

Skoda started testing two electric tractors for internal transport in Mlada Boleslav, in the Czech Republic. These will replace tractor units with diesel engines on their respective routes by May 2022. The Company is planning to expand its use of electric Trucks in the future.

The two tractor units have already been in test operation since 1 October, as the VW subsidiary has now announced. In the next step, specially made, shortened semi-trailers will transport BEV batteries through the Mlada Boleslav plant from June 2022. For this purpose, the semi-trailers will be equipped with conveyor technology for automatic loading and unloading with and from pallets.

The experience so far has apparently been positive. Skoda production board member Michael Oeljeklaus has said that after the successful test run with the two purely electric tractor units, the company is rapidly converting the fleet to purely battery-electric trucks for internal plant transports.

Oeljeklaus, who is also responsible for logistics at Skoda, wants to transport components purely electrically in future, and not only within the plant.

According to the published press photo with the company’s announcement, the two tractors are Framo models. These have a range of 80 kilometers, and a charging time of 4.5 hours.

Skoda has not yet said exactly how many electric trucks the company aims to put on the road in and around the plant in the future and how high the targeted CO2 savings will be.

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