Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Sono & Ari Motors present self charging solar-powered electric utility vehicle

Sono Motors and Ari Motors have presented a light electric utility vehicle prototype with solar integration at the Intersolar trade fair in Munich, Germany. The Prototype is based on the Ari 458 and the solar integration on the charging box provides up to 450 watts of peak power. It should enable an extension of the range of 20 kilometers per day on average.

According to Sono Motors, the 20 kilometers of additional range mentioned should refer to “normal weather conditions in Munich”; in “optimal weather conditions in the summer months”, up to 48 kilometers a day should be possible.

The solar range is in addition to the battery range. This is between 120 and 200 kilometers for the Ari 458 Suitcase L, depending on the battery version.

Interesting detail: for an extra $1450, Ari already offers a solar system on the roof of the 458, which is supposed to allow up to 30 kilometers a day. However, this system is considerably more massive than the version that Ari and Sono have now presented.

Ari Motor’s 458 Van

As part of the collaboration, Sono Motors will supply customised PV modules, design the integration layout, carry out the mechanical as well as electrical integration with its team in Munich, and will additionally offer component maintenance.

“The solar integration solutions provided by Sono Motors are the perfect fit for our light vehicle box as it enables us to reduce the vehicle’s dependency on charging infrastructure as well as extend its range and reduce costs,” says Thomas Kuwatsch, CFO of Ari Motors. “We look forward to working with Sono Motors in the future to make our vehicles even more sustainable.” The announcement does not say when the Ari 458 with Sono solar cells will be launched or at what price.

Sono Motors also announced a letter of intent to collaborate with Wallaby Boats GmbH. This will involve installing PV systems on the ‘Wallaby 18′ boat model, which will have a capacity of up to 5,200 Wp. This model is designed to transport personnel and materials for offshore wind farms, according to the manufacturer.

“The company’s values in reducing fuel consumption and promoting greener commercial boats are a great fit for Sono Motors’ first maritime OEM project,” says Mathieu Baudrit, Group Lead Sono Solar at Sono Motors.

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