Friday, January 21, 2022

Sony presents Vision S 02 at the CES in Las Vegas

Sony presented its second electric car prototype at this year’s CES in Las Vegas

The VISION-S 02 is an SUV offshoot of the VISION-S 01 electric sedan presented at CES 2020. Both models use the same eMobility and cloud platforms, the focus for Sony is primarily on the “entertainment experience” in the interior with 5G connectivity and infotainment offerings – the e-drive is virtually just an accessory.

In the announcement about the electric SUV, Sony does not go into further detail about the technical data of the drive.

The electric car study has two electric motors that deliver 400 kW of power together. The platform and electric car components of the European suppliers thus form the basis on which Sony can build its expertise in sensor and safety technology for autonomous driving and infotainment. The Company released the following Video on the day of the announcement:

The electric SUV features high-resolution CMOS image sensors – read: cameras – to monitor the car’s surroundings and a Lidar system to more accurately capture three-dimensional space. “Sony aims to provide greater safety and convenience for all with its sensor and communication technologies,” the statement said. Other features include improved gesture control, a low-latency 5G system and in-seat speakers designed to create a three-dimensional sound experience. OTA updates are a given for such a vehicle.

We are looking forward to seeing the new Sony EVs on the Road.

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