Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Tesla Berlin Receives Preliminary Permit for Installation of Parts of Technical Systems

Some good news for Fans of Tesla. Tesla Berlin has received another prior approval from the Brandenburg State Environmental Administration. This Permit will allow for the installation of parts of technical systems, namely tanks for antifreeze liquid and windshield washer fluid, gas cylinders for storing nitrogen and carbon dioxide, as well as containers for a sprinkler system.

The construction of Giga Berlin is nearing completion but the exact date of the Factory opening are still unknown. Some believe it could happen mid October but this is a rumor as of now.

Furthermore Tesla received another prior approval from the State Environmental Administration on Wednesday to build its plant. It involves installing a portion of the system technology that the company has claimed. In particular, it is the installation of tanks for antifreeze and windscreen washer fluid.

Tesla Berlin GIgafactory Construction

The company can now install the tanks, but commissioning them has not yet been permitted, according to a statement from the Brandenburg Ministry of the Environment.

In addition, the company received permission to install gas cylinders for the subsequent storage of nitrogen and carbon dioxide, as well as system technology and containers for the sprinkler system. This all brings the manufacturer one step closer to starting production at Giga Berlin.

Tesla’s applications to install additional parts of the building’s technical equipment, as well as to verify the operational reliability of other parts of the system, are still pending.

At the moment, the final environmental permit from the land of Brandenburg for the construction of the Tesla factory has not been received, so the company is building with preliminary approvals.

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There is now a three-week discussion of all the objections that have been filed against Giga Berlin, which will then be evaluated by the State Environmental Agency.

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