Friday, January 21, 2022

Tesla car production at Giga Berlin could begin before year end

According to a media report, Tesla can apparently expect final approval for its factory in Grünheide in the coming days and consequently start series production in December this year still.

This is reported by the German publication Automobilwoche. The Article mentions no sources. A few days ago, three Model Ys had already been spotted on the factory’s own test track in Grünheide, however, it was still unclear whether these were vehicles built in Grünheide or examples built in Fremont or Shanghai.

Since the vehicles do not have to go on the test track for the latter, it was already considered likely that the vehicles were assembled in Grünheide.

As the report now claims to have learned, five units of the Model Y have already been completed in Grünheide – according to the report, however, not on the production line. This means that they are likely to be hand-built vehicles from the pilot assembly line.

For the first half of the year, Automobilwoche assumes an estimated 30,000 Model Ys, so the rate of increase is estimated to be rather moderate – at 1,000 vehicles per week, there would already be 24,000 units in the first half of the year. 1,000 vehicles per week at the start does not seem entirely unrealistic: Tesla is said to have already achieved this figure in December 2019 for the production start-up of the Giga Shanghai.

Production in Grünheide is expected to be ramped up further in mid-2022.

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