Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Tesla increases Model Y production in Shanghai

Tesla has increased production of the Model Y to 1,000 units per day at its Shanghai plant after a four-day rebuild break. This is according to a local observer. This means that the production rate for the Model Y in Shanghai is now higher than for the Model 3 at 800 units a day.

The information comes from drone pilot Wu Wa, who has been monitoring the Gigafactory 3 in Shanghai, who says:

“After four days of overhaul at Tesla’s Shanghai plant last week, the production capacity of Phase 2 Model Y has reached 1,000 units per day. This daily capacity has exceeded the number of Model 3s (at) 800 units per day. It can be said that the Y-type production has entered high-yield stage. As previously planned by Tesla, the main production of Q3 is for export.”

We would like to note that this is not confirmed by the company itself yet

Wu Wa said most of the third quarter’s production will be for export and, indeed, Tesla has said in the past that Giga Shanghai was to become its major export centre. This was already evident in the July figures. Of 32,968 Teslas built in Shanghai, only 8,221 were sold in China. Of the 24,347 Teslas built in China, 16,137 Model 3 and 8,210 Model Y were exported.

Out of the current production a certain number of the Model Y will also go to Europe. The first models of the Model Y that are to be delivered soon, come from Chinese production. Around the presentation of the European Model Y in Berlin last week, it was said that Tesla would probably have to rely on Model Y imports from China until 2022 – until Giga Berlin in Grünheide produces enough vehicles.

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