Friday, January 21, 2022

Tesla Model 3 is the 16th best selling Car in the World

Despite the pandemic causing a huge downturn in car sales in most regions Electric Vehicle registrations have continued to grow. But the big winner globally in 2020 has been the Tesla Model 3. It is now one of the top 20 most purchased cars globally of all types! Yes all. Not just electric vehicles. According to data from Focus2Move the Tesla Model 3 was the 16th best selling car in the world in 2020.

The Model 3 sold a total of 439,760 units in 2020. This is pretty impressive when we consider that the car was only launched in the US in 2018. It is now the bestselling Electric Car of all time as well with over 800,000 units sold. It has surpassed the Nissan Leaf which held the top spot before the Model 3 came along. It only hit a 500,000 milestone in 2020 despite having a seven-year head start over the Tesla Model 3.

If you wonder which car was the best seller in 2020 : It was the Toyota Corolla which sold 1,134,262 units globally. Internal combustion engine (ICE) cars still dominate. But I can imagine that this will change in the coming years.

All in all a very strong year for electric vehicles and especially Tesla. We are looking forward to more sales in the future! If you’re interested in reading more about Tesla make sure you check our article about the Plaid S. We got an awesome video of the Tesla S Plaid racing against some amazing supercars.

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