Tesla Model 3 police car getting tested in the UK

If you’re a criminal in the UK then you might see an electric Tesla Model 3 chasing you in the near future. Jokes aside this move is part of a bigger move to use only electric cars by 2030 for their public fleets such as police and firefighters.

The UK government has said that a quarter of its central fleet will be ultra-low emission by 2022, with that number set to increase to 100% by 2030 when the ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel cars will come into effect.

A freedom of information request submitted by Air Quality News last year found that just 1% of the Department for Transport’s 1,860-strong fleet is electric, while 71% was diesel-powered. As a fan of emission free electric cars I see a lot of room for improvement here. And the electric vehicles from Tesla can certainly help.

The Tesla company has created an emergency response Model 3 that will be tested by police, fire brigades, and other emergency services in the UK.

tesla uk police
tesla police car source: @SurreyRoadCops

If you have been following the Tesla company then you know that other countries already started using the model 3 for their public police cars. There were tests in Switzerland and other countries. As a fan of more electric cars on the road I am looking forward to the developments in these sectors.

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