Monday, May 16, 2022

Tesla Stock moved above $900 and reached new all time high

The good news just keep coming for owners of Tesla Stock ( Ticker: TSLA ). We usually prefer to only report about the actual electric vehicles but we figured that this new all time high by Tesla was definitely news worthy.

Not only news worthy but something that should be celebrated.

It shows that the Market is realizing the massive potential the electric future holds. How can we from We Go Electric not support this!?

The Company reported earnings last week and it appears that the Market was happy with the results. We also recently reported that Tesla is planning to expand its supercharger network which shows that the Company is expecting a high demand for its Tesla Cars.

Tesla’s Stock price after the close on Friday Oct 22

We say congratulations to all Tesla Shareholders and we will keep reporting about further developments of the Tesla Company and its Stock.

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