Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Tesla’s registrations below 500 in Germany during July

The German Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt KBA just released their latest registrations for July and the Numbers for Tesla aren’t flattering. We want to remind readers that this is only one month but it appears that Tesla is looking some steam in Europe’s biggest Market for EV.

In July Tesla’s Germany-registrations dropped to just 489 were reported to Germany’s score-keeper.

During June Tesla’s YTD share of Germany’s flourishing BEV market stood at 9.3%. Now one month later, Tesla’s BEV share dropped to 8.2%.

Meanwhile, Germany’s BEV market is growing fast. In July, overall BEV sales were up 51.6% compared to the same month a year ago. 10.8% of newly registered cars were battery-powered.  A slightly higher 12.8% of the buyers wanted the best of both worlds (and the tax savings) and bought a plug-in hybrid.

Here is a list of ALL registrations. Keep in mind this is not broken down by EV.

One slow month doesn’t have to mean much but it appears that the most valuable car maker in the world is having some issues in Europe. We will keep you posted about the developments in the European markets.

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  1. Are you guys really that new to the EV world that you don’t understand how Tesla does shipments to Europe? How they must plan their deliveries to maximize production and deliveries per area over time given their currently production-constrained factories in China and California and the necessity of quarterly reporting as a public company? Hint: April was the first month of Q2 and June was the last month of Q2. How did that turn out?

    July is the first month of Q3. What do you think is going to happen in September?

  2. 3 month cycle for vehicles exported from Shanghai to Europe:

    first month of quarter: All vehicles go to export and most of them haven’t arrived. Numbers look low
    Second month: high number
    Third month: Even higher, record number
    Rinse and repeat


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