Tuesday, December 7, 2021

UK Government will make EV charge points compulsory for buildings starting 2022

New homes and buildings such as supermarkets and workplaces in the UK will have to install electric vehicle charge points starting next year. Buildings that are undergoing a major renovation will have to add charge points as well.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson introduced the new legislation today, making earlier plans official.

The British Government had proposed the new rules now coming in reportedly back in September.

The legislation confirmed today asks for

“new homes and non-residential buildings, those undergoing largescale renovations which leaves them with over ten parking spaces will be required to install electric vehicle charge points.”

The earlier proposal also called for buildings to provide charging infrastructure for every five parking spaces. Plus, the Government wanted these to be smart. However, the details have yet to be confirmed, the latest when the legislation is out in full.

While requirements such as new buildings being EV ready are not new – California and Germany are examples that have similar regulations now – PM Boris Johnson called the new rules “world-leading”.

The Department for Transport (DfT), in a 2019-consultation, had set the requirements for a smart charger to be able to prevent grid overload and encourage charging at off-peak times through bi-directional communications.

Following other consultations, the UK also plans to go forward with a regulation that will require all charge point operators to offer simple payment solutions such as contactless at all new fast and rapid charge points.

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