Friday, January 21, 2022

UK in talks to build gigafactories for electric cars

Some great news from the United Kingdom today. The british government has held talks with six manufacturers about building “gigafactory” electric car battery plants in the UK. This is intended to help the british car industry which took a slight hit after the Brexit drama.

US carmaker Ford and Korean electronics conglomerates LG & Samsung are among the companies that have had early-stage discussions with the british government

Tesla Gigafactory

Besides that the British government was also in talks with Japanese car company Nissan. The talks were first reported by the Financial Times.

Politicians including Boris Johnson are hopeful the UK can protect jobs in the sector by securing investment from private companies in “gigafactories”. The name was actually made popular by Tesla CEO Elon Musk

Estimates from the Faraday Institution suggest the UK will lose out on 100,000 jobs without gigafactories as carmakers switch from the petrol and diesel vehicles that constitute the vast majority of British automotive. This makes a lot of sense to me. Electric Vehicles are the future and the giga factories are a necessity to get more cars on the road. Let’s go Britain. Get those deals done and let’s build some more EV.

A government source cautioned that some of the talks about possible investment were still at an early stage. There were a few potential areas and I hope the UK will get those deals signed in the near future. Let’s make a step towards cleaner cities with electric cars.

I will keep you posted about developments from the UK.

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