Sunday, January 23, 2022

UK’s Gridserve accelerates ultra-rapid charging network rollout

Gridserve is building its ultra-rapid charging hubs in the UK, following plans announced last summer. There are already eleven charging parks under construction, each with six to twelve high power charging points, according to Gridserve.

The company expects to finish 20 so-called Electric Hubs by Q2 2022.

Gridserve locates these Electric Hubs along major roads in the UK. Each Charging Station will have 6 to 12 HPC points with up to 350kwh

Among the Electric Hubs will also be some of what the company calls Electric Forecourts. These flagship sites are significantly larger and will have up to 24 HPC stalls and battery buffers to guarantee ultra-rapid charging at all times.

Gridserve in earlier statements was confident these stations would become capable of handling 500 kW charging capacity eventually. They will also provide charging for buses, trucks and other commercial vehicles.

So far, one is already open near Braintree, Essex. It is the first of a pledged 100 Electric Forecourts by 2025, and Gridserve today announced two more were in the making. One is scheduled to open at Gatwick Airport in autumn 2022, and another in Norwich. Gridserve says it has already received planning permission for more sites, including Uckfield, Gateshead, Plymouth and Bromborough.

Despite the planned charging speed at those Electric Forecourts – a claimed 100 miles of range in less than ten minutes – Gridserve, through its partner Moto, is adding amenities for waiting drivers such as dedicated zones for fleet and private vehicles, a supermarket, coffee shops and restaurants. The hub is also designed akin to an airport lounge, providing a comfortable space for passengers to pass the time.

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The majority of the sites now coming in will be installed by the end of March. The eleven sites currently in the making are Moto sites. In the next phase, so Gridserve, a further 50 Electric Hub sites will follow, then also with partner Roadchef. Gridserve is also working on adding 130 AC chargers to cater to all EV types.

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