Tuesday, May 17, 2022

US Battery Swap Startup Ample raises $50m, announces cooperation with Uber

US battery swap startup Ample has raised another $50 million. The fresh capital comes from investors Blackstone and Banco Santander.

Furthermore, Ample announced a cooperation with Uber to bring its Battery Swapping technology to Europe.

Ample was founded seven years ago and has been working on its technology in the background for a long time. Unlike Chinese carmakers Nio and Xpeng, Ample’s battery-swapping technology is intended to work with different car manufacturers.

The American company is aiming for an automated battery change that takes less than ten minutes. The process should “work with any electric vehicle” and be “as cheap as petrol”, Ample announced in an earlier statement.

After going public earlier this year, the company announced two partnerships with investors Shell and Eneos to launch pilot projects in the US and Japan. Test facilities are also planned in Madrid and Singapore.

Furthermore, in the current announcement, Ample announces an expansion of its cooperation with Uber and, in the course of this, an expansion into Europe.

In the US, Ample has already been working with Uber since 2020 to “participate as a key partner in Uber’s global electrification strategy”.

Ample already provides Uber drivers in California with its battery-swapping technology.

In the future, this concept will be transferred to Uber in Europe. It says that “drivers in the European Uber fleet will have access to our autonomous battery swap stations”.

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