Wednesday, October 27, 2021

VanMoof releases fastest e-bike ever

Dutch e-bike manufacturer VanMoof has presented its new model, the VanMoof V. The e-bike is the fastest one ever and it is able to reach speeds of up to 50 km/h when equipped with two electric motors.

The “hyper bike” can already be reserved, with a purchase price of roughly $4300. VanMoof will offer the electric bicycle in the Netherlands, Germany, France, Great Britain, the USA and Japan. The first Deliveries are expected to start at the end of 2022.

With the VanMoof V, the Dutch company says they have presented a bike optimised they say is optimal for long commutes. The pictures provided are still “artistic representations of the VanMoof V” but already show how futuristic the design is for series models from VanMoof.

VanMoof says that the power system consists of two electric motors with up to 1 kW. The integrated battery has an energy content of 700 Wh. The VanMoof V is supposed to be able to reach a top speed of up to 50 km/h. With this top speed, the VanMoof V would be able to reach a maximum speed of 50 km/h.

With this top speed, VanMoof would exceed the legal limits for classification as an S-pedelec in Germany.

The VanMoof V is currently still in the development phase but the e-bike can already be reserved. For this, interested parties have to be put on a waiting list.

VanMoof collected $128 million in financing last month. In April, the Company also announced several new products.

This year, for example, the Dutch e-bike manufacturer launched a detachable powerbank that is supposed to give riders up to 100 kilometers of additional range on VanMoof bikes and can be easily charged indoors.

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