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Volkswagen begins electric truck production in Brazil

Volkswagen Caminhões e Ônibus (VWCO) started to begin the series production of its first all-electric truck in Brazil on Monday June 14 2021. The South American brand is manufacturing their brand new e-Delivery distribution truck in the Brazilian city of Resende. They plan to initially to produce 1,000 to 3,000 units per year.

The truck is intended for urban distribution transport and is scheduled for market launch in July 2021. The Ambev brewery from Brazil has been announced as the first customer. Volkswagen Caminhões e Ônibus plans to announce further customers at the time of market launch.

“With dimensions suitable for use in urban areas, as well as functions for convenience, connectivity, safety, low operating costs and energy efficiency, our e-Delivery helps to make the concept of efficient and intelligent cities with rational and productive freight transport a reality,” says Roberto Cortes, Chief Executive Officer of Volkswagen Caminhões e Ônibus, which is part of the TRATON GROUP.

Volkswagen e-delivery truck

The e-Delivery receives batteries from CATL in China via the Brazilian importer Moura. Battery partner Moura has installed a presence at the plant in Resende to keep the supply chains as short as possible. In collaboration with CATL importer Moura will be responsible for various processes related to e-mobility such as the assembly and testing of the e-Delivery’s electrical systems.

“25 years ago, we developed the production process of the Modular Consortium and now, we crown this trajectory with another pioneering achievement: the manufacture of electric vehicles, alongside important partners such as Moura. Together, we will advance in the development of the electric mobility in Brazil,” underlines Roberto Cortes, President and CEO of Volkswagen Caminhões e Ônibus

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The e-Delivery was to be launched worldwide as an 11- and 14-tonne truck as early as 2020. The launch has been delayed. It could be that this was covid related but we do not have more information about the exact reasons for the delay. The e-delivery truck had already been unveiled in 2018. The e-Delivery is expected to have a range of more than 200 km thanks to an internally developed drivetrain in combination with CATL batteries. The Brazilians also promise fast-charging capability: 15 minutes of charging time to recover 30 per cent of the battery capacity and three hours for 100 per cent is what is being talked about at the moment. The brand also emphasises the modular design of the truck: the front module contains the driver’s cab, the centre section the batteries and the rear section the drive train. This ensures that the various components can be flexibly combined.

The first interested party for the electric truck is the Brazilian brewery Ambev. It plans to add a total of 1,600 electric trucks from Volkswagen Caminhões e Ônibus to its fleet by 2023. The first 100 e-Delivery are to be handed over to Ambev this year. We are looking forward to seeing this amazing electric delivery truck on more roads in the future.

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