Thursday, May 19, 2022

Volkswagen E Up best selling EV in July

The German plugin vehicle market scored over 55,000 registrations last month. This is a 52% year over year increase for BEVs. Germany is turning slowly but surely into one of the most interesting markets for Electric Vehicles.

The best selling car for the month of July was the brand new Volkswagen E Up. It’s getting even better for Volkswagen. 3 of their cars are in the Top 5 for the month of July and the Brand is establishing itself as a dominant player in the German EV Market.

Tesla is not having a good time in Europe at the moment and their models did not make the top 20 for July.

The new Mercedes GLC300e/de had 1,440 registrations and ended on rank 5. The only non German brand in the top 5 is Ford with 1,764 registrations of their Kuga model.

Ev Car Sales July Germany

The Fiat 500e had a near-record 1,256 deliveries.

The much-hyped BMW iX SUV started its career in Germany with only 239 registrations. BMW expects large volumes in the coming months, hoping for it to become the full-size category’s future best seller. We will have to wait a bit until we have a better assessment of how high the first dedicated BEV from BMW since it launched the i3 back in 2013 can get.

The Mercedes EQA scored 779 registrations. Dacia Spring had 548 registrations in only its second month on the market. The Ford Mustang Mach-E was slightly lower with 440 deliveries last month. The chip shortage might have affected the sales for some carmakers.

We will keep you posted about the developments.

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