XPeng P7 is best selling China EV among Startups In August

Great news for all fans of Chinese EV Startup Xpeng. The Company just announced on Twitter that the P7 is the best selling electric vehicle (among Chinese EV startups).

China is one of the most competitive EV marker now. No other country has as many competitive, successful, fast growing EV startups as China. The most popular ones are XPeng and NIO. But China also has many unknown EV players that are about to grow.

NIO had another growth month in August, accumulating 5,880 sales across the ES6, EC6, and ES8. However, XPeng sold way more than any other startup during the month of august. XPeng scored a record 6,165 sales of its P7 sedan in August. The XPeng G3 also grabbed a few sales (1,049).

Xpeng P7

In the overall plugin model market, the XPeng P7 is #10 when it comes to January–July sales. And if you took out plugin hybrids, the P7 would be #8. Furthermore, the P7’s sales just seem to be growing and growing, so we could well see a higher score again next month. In fact, I expect it.

Concerning August sales, no other model even came within 1500 sales of tying the P7. For much more on the electric smart sedan, read this thorough XPeng P7 page?

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