Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Youtuber Laurent Schmidt presenting the electric & autonomous shuttle Navya Arma

As you can imagine we are fans of anything electric. Today we came across this video by French Youtuber Laurent Schmidt. During the video he is explaining the benefits of using autonomous shuttles for transportation. All in all a very informative video.

The language of the video is french but you can use google’s subtitle translation feature to watch the video in your own language. Long story short here is the video. The shuttle being used in the video is by french autonomous Company Navya.

Navya is one of the companies that has been working on autonomous shuttles for a few years now. Their level 4 shuttles are being tested all around the world at the moment. Our Magazine recently reported about Boldly testing the Navya Arma in Japan.

We believe it is just a matter of time till we will be using autonomous shuttles for transportation. And as you can imagine we also like the fact that they are running on electricity and not gas.

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