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Volvo Electric Trucks Now Capable of 450km Range with Upgraded Battery Packs - We Go Electric
Volvo Electric Trucks Now Capable of 450km Range with Upgraded Battery Packs

Volvo Electric Trucks Now Capable of 450km Range with Upgraded Battery Packs

The introduction of new, more powerful batteries by Volvo Trucks represents a significant advancement in the electric medium- and heavy-duty truck market

With capacities now ranging up to 94kWh per pack, Volvo’s medium-duty electric trucks can now achieve up to 450 kilometers of range, making them highly competitive with traditional internal combustion engine (ICE) trucks for many applications. 

This increase in range and battery capacity could accelerate the adoption of electric trucks, particularly for urban logistics and freight services.

The new battery options not only offer a longer range but also provide flexibility in payload management. With higher-capacity batteries, fewer packs are required to achieve the same power and range, which can result in a payload increase of 500kg for every battery pack not used. 

This is an essential consideration for businesses that need to optimize the cargo capacity of their vehicles. Jessica Sandström, senior vice president of product management at Volvo Trucks, noted that for some customers, “it’s more important to get extra payload, rather than maximizing the range”.

One of the notable aspects of this update is Volvo’s claim that their new electric trucks can replace an entire fleet of diesel city trucks. 

If this holds true in real-world applications, it represents a watershed moment in the journey toward fully electrified urban logistics and transportation services, contributing significantly to reduced emissions and noise pollution in cities.

While Volvo has not detailed the technology enabling their 42% increase in battery capacity, the achievement itself is an encouraging sign that ongoing advances in battery technology can continue to improve the practicality and economic viability of electric vehicles.

This innovation comes at a time when cities worldwide are grappling with the challenges of air pollution and climate change. The extended range and payload options make Volvo’s new battery packs a compelling option for businesses looking to transition to more sustainable operations without sacrificing performance.

For policymakers and urban planners, the availability of such advanced electric trucks may also support more aggressive climate goals and clean air initiatives.

Alan Clark