Revolutionary Plating Solution Set to Extend Range and Increase Lifespan of EV Batteries

The new research on lithium-ion plating addresses one of the key challenges hindering the widespread adoption of electric vehicles (EVs): the limitations of current battery technology
By focusing on the microstructure of graphite anodes and exploring different charging techniques, the study offers promising avenues for improving battery performance and lifespan.

Construction of Eco-Friendly EV Battery Logistics Center Free from Fossil Fuels Started by BMW

BMW’s groundbreaking on a new battery logistics facility at its Plant Leipzig is an exciting development in the automotive industry’s transition toward sustainability and electrification. 
This fossil fuel-free facility sets an example not only for future BMW operations but also for other companies in the sector.
The three-stage high-voltage battery production process at the Leipzig plant, encompassing cell coating, module production, and assembly, is a significant commitment. By controlling these aspects…

Foton Increases Electric Truck Battery Warranty Mileage to 300,000km

The announcement by Foton Mobility Distribution, the Australian arm of Chinese bus group Foton Global, to offer an 8-year/300,000-km battery warranty for its new Foton T5 EV all-electric truck signals a strong commitment to electric vehicle (EV) technology in the commercial sector. 
The robust warranty terms indicate Foton’s confidence in the durability and reliability of their electric powertrains, thereby reducing the risk for potential buyers. This could be an enticing offer for businesses looking to make a switch to cleaner transportation alternatives…

Lightning-Fast Battery from China’s CATL Promises 400km Range Increase in Less Time Than It Takes to Drink a Latte

The rapid charging speed offered by CATL’s new Shenxing battery has the potential to be a game-changer in the electric vehicle industry
Ten minutes to add 400 kilometers of range would make electric vehicles far more convenient and could be a critical factor in accelerating their adoption. 
This rapid charge rate could make electric cars far more …