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13,803 new EV registrations during December in Norway, 67.1 % Market share

13,803 new electric cars were registered in Norway during the month of December. The share of electric cars among all new registrations was 67.1 per cent. Besides that, there were 4,706 new plug-in hybrids. Norway’s most successful model in December was the Tesla Model Y with 2,379 registrations.

In 2021 as a whole, there were 113,751 battery-electric cars, which corresponds to a market share of 64.5 per cent. This means that 6 out of 10 new cars in Norway were all electric. In addition, there were 38,166 plug-in hybrids in the entire year.

Compared to 2020 as a whole – when 76,804 pure electric cars were newly registered – this corresponds to an increase of 48 per cent. However, the figures from December 2020 were only just surpassed – with 13,803 new registrations in December 2021 and 13,718 vehicles in December 2020. The increase is thus just 0.6 per cent, otherwise two-digit growth rates are common. In 2020, however, December was also an unusually strong month.

The model ranking in December – as in November – is led by two Tesla models. As mentioned above, the Model Y had 2,379 registrations, ahead of the Tesla Model 3 (1,968) and the VW ID.4 (718). As usual in the last month of a quarter, both Tesla series were able to increase significantly compared to November, while the ID.4 remained stable at the November level.

The ID.4 is closely followed by the Nissan Leaf, which had an exceptionally strong month with 711 units.

For the year as a whole, the Tesla Model 3 took the victory among models with 12,058 new registrations. Second for the year is the Toyota RAV4 (8,928 units) ahead of the ID.4 (8,645 units) and the Model Y (8,267 registrations).

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