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Foton Increases Electric Truck Battery Warranty Mileage to 300,000km - We Go Electric
Foton Increases Electric Truck Battery Warranty Mileage to 300,000km

Foton Increases Electric Truck Battery Warranty Mileage to 300,000km

The announcement by Foton Mobility Distribution, the Australian arm of Chinese bus group Foton Global, to offer an 8-year/300,000-km battery warranty for its new Foton T5 EV all-electric truck signals a strong commitment to electric vehicle (EV) technology in the commercial sector. 

The robust warranty terms indicate Foton’s confidence in the durability and reliability of their electric powertrains, thereby reducing the risk for potential buyers. This could be an enticing offer for businesses looking to make a switch to cleaner transportation alternatives.

The Foton T5, a light-duty electric truck with a 4.5-tonne capacity, comes with a wide array of features designed for commercial usage. 

Powered by an 82kWh CATL battery, the vehicle boasts a range of 180 km when fully loaded, making it a suitable choice for urban and short-haul applications. With 64 kWh of power, peak power at 115 kW, and 300 Nm of maximum torque, the T5 appears to offer a blend of performance and efficiency. 

The vehicle also comes with a full suite of safety features to further add to its appeal.

Beyond the battery warranty, Foton is providing a 5-year/200,000-km general vehicle warranty, enhancing the value proposition for the Foton T5 EV. As Bill Gillespie, the General Manager of Light Duty Vehicles at Foton Mobility Distribution, pointed out, Foton has a strong global track record, with over 22,000 units in the alternate fuels sector last year alone. 

This places them in a position to offer an industry-leading warranty in the Australian market.

The decision by major Australian supermarket chain Woolworths to order 25 of these trucks for their home delivery services indicates growing business interest in electric trucks. 

The Foton T5’s multiple configurations, from refrigerated to tipper trucks, add to its flexibility and broad appeal across different sectors.

Also worth noting is the Foton T5’s fast-charging capabilities. The DC fast charging option enables a full battery recharge in just 1.5 hours, while the standard 11 kW AC onboard charger accomplishes the task in 7.2 hours. 

This quick turnaround time could be a game-changer for businesses aiming for minimal downtime in their operations.

All in all, Foton Mobility Distribution’s introduction of the T5 EV and its aggressive warranty package could be a catalyst for further adoption of electric vehicles in Australia’s commercial sector. It appears to be a strategically timed move to capitalize on the growing interest in EVs, both from the government and the corporate sector.

Alan Clark