Friday, January 21, 2022

ADS-TEC Energy announces major deal for ultra-rapid chargers in Spain

German Battery Company ADS-TEC Energy today announced a deal with “one of Europe’s largest energy suppliers” to install ADS-TEC’s charging stations ready to operate in Spain before the end of this Year.

The agreement is part of a plan to establish a nationwide public charging network in Spain. ADS-TEC has not disclosed the energy company’s name and refers to it only as “the customer”.

Since several large companies in Spain are currently working on charging networks, it is impossible to draw reliable conclusions from the data provided. Not much is known about the contract’s scope either apart from the ambitious timeline and the type of charging stations, the company’s ChargeBox.

ADS-Tec also said it had already delivered the first ChargeBox units for installation on Spain’s main motorways and that others would follow in the next few months. The number of exact chargers remains unknown.

The customer, however, mentioned that ADS-TEC Energy had helped to accelerate their ultra-fast charging network and that the new stations would contribute “to speed up the transition to electric mobility in Spain”.

The Business Developer also detailed that the network was consisting of High Power Charging Stations connected to the middle voltage grid. The plan is to charge up to ten EVs there while up to four electric cars will charge from the low voltage grid at unspecified “ultra-fast rates”.

Thomas Speidel, CEO of ADS-TEC Energy added, they were delivering “a major consumer experience that will allow drivers to travel 100km within minutes of charge.”

Plus, ADS-TEC’s ChargeBox is reportedly capable of charging cars at up to 320 kW using the buffer battery before the latter slowly recharges via the low voltage grid. This means “customers can quickly have access to ultra-fast charging technology in areas that otherwise would require substantial infrastructure enhancements,” Speidel explained.

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The ultra-fast charging stations are to be open to the public and accessible around the clock in Spain.

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