Friday, May 20, 2022

China’s Xpeng has started to take orders for the Xpeng P5 in Europe

Chinese EV manufacturer Xpeng has opened reservations for its 3rd model, the P5, in four European countries. Xpeng’s electric sedan is now available for pre-order in Denmark, the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden.

Xpeng had presented the smaller, further developed version of the P7 in April 2021, and deliveries of the P5 began in China in September 2021. With the start of ordering in the four countries mentioned, the P5 will be available outside China for the first time. Test drives will then be possible in Europe from April.

The move had been in the offing: On the one hand, Xpeng had announced the launch in other European markets after Norway – precisely in Sweden, Denmark, and the Netherlands in December. On the other hand, two sales partnerships were signed for the Netherlands and Sweden in February.

Xpeng had already announced that it would open its first branch outside of China in Stockholm before the end of February, with the second European branch to follow during the first quarter.

Xpeng opened its second showroom in Europe with the Experience Store in the Westfield Mall of the Netherlands in Amsterdam.

While the Chinese company cooperates with Emil Frey in the Netherlands and Bilia in Sweden, there is still no known sales partner for Denmark. In February, it was still generally said that the market entry should occur this year.

Whether and when Xpeng will come to other European nations, such as Germany, is still open. Xpeng has not made a statement on this subject in their previous communications. However, in the medium to long term, it is likely to happen.

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According to Vice President Leon He, the P5 will bring “a variety of differentiated features to a new customer base in Europe” – “a market where we are building ourselves as a long-term player.”

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