Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Electrify America to double number of EV chargers in the USA

Electrify America said it will double the number of its electric vehicle fast charging stations in the United States and Canada by the end of 2025.

The Company is planning to launch 1,800 fast charging stations ( 10,000 individual chargers ) by that time. The vast majority will be installed in the United States. A smaller portion will be installed in Canada. As of today Electrify America has installed 635 charging stations in the United States.

Electrify America Charing Stations

The plan is part of parent company VW Group’s announcement Monday to increase public charging infrastructure in North America, Asia and Europe. The expansion aims to increase the number of 150 and 350 kilowatt chargers, or fast chargers. VW nor EA disclosed how much money would be spent to meet this new plan. However, an EA spokesperson did confirm that the company would be spending more than the $2 billion it previously committed to invest into clean energy infrastructure over a 10-year period that kicked off in 2017.

The decision to double its charging infrastructure in North America was prompted by the rapid growth expected of electric vehicles by virtually all the auto manufacturers, according to a statement by Electrify America president and CEO Giovanni Palazzo.

Electrify America’s initial plan was to invest more than $2 billion into clean energy infrastructure and education over a 10-year period. Of that funding, some $800 million was earmarked for California, the largest EV market in North America. This latest boost will be used to increase chargers in established EV regions in the U.S., such as California, as well as push into new states, including Hawaii, North Dakota, South Dakota, West Virginia, Wyoming and Vermont.

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The company is also adding chargers to a stretch of highway in the upper Midwest, following similar efforts to promote cross-country travel. The subsidiary Electrify Canada will expand its network to nine provinces, including Saskatchewan, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. Electrify Canada will also add more stations to British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario and Quebec, the four provinces where it already has a presence

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