Monday, May 16, 2022

German Shuttle Modellregion Oberfranken adding new lines with Navya

Great news for the citizen of Germany. Thanks to a new legislation which was adopted in May 2021 the driverless and electronic Shuttles from Navya are allowed on more public roads in Germany.

If you’re not familiar with the project make sure you check their video on youtube:

Here are the new lines and schedules for the autonomous & electric shuttles from Navya:

– Hof: 2 Autonom® Shuttle travel on open road within a 3 km route connecting the train station with the rest of the city and including access to a pedestrian zone. The operation is carried out by Regionalbus Ostbayern GmbH, a subsidiary of Deutsche Bahn, and is integrated into the public transport network;
– Rehau: the 2 shuttles transport on public road the employees of the Rehau AG company, from the parking area to the factories and administrative buildings. This service will become public later in 2021;- Kronach: the 2 shuttles deployed are operated by Omnibusverkehr Franken GmbH, a subsidiary of Deutsche Bahn. This service completes the public transport network with a route of almost 3 kms, from the upper town to the Rosenberg fortress.

Prior to these experiments, Navya had been present in Germany through other projects, with nearly twenty deployments, including:

– Regensburg: since 2021, 2 shuttles run on open road on a track operated by Das Stadtwerk Regensburg Mobilität GmbH;
– Berlin:the project, operated by BVG, was completed in mid-2020 and enabled the deployment of 2 Autonom® Shuttle at the Charité Hospital;
– Frankfurt: several experiments lasting a few months have been carried out by RMV, notably at the Wiesbaden clinic and around Eberbach Abbey;
– Hamburg: an open road service consisting of 2 shuttles and operated by TUHH completes since the end of 2019 the bus network of the village of Lauenburg/Elbe;
– Sylt:a shuttle ran until the end of 2020 in the village of Keitum, on the island of Sylt.

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