Friday, January 21, 2022

Macnica collaborates with Fuyo Lease Group to launch autonomous cars in Japan

Macnica will start a business alliance with Fuyo Auto Lease for the social implementation of autonomous driving in Japan

Local governments and transportation companies are considering the introduction of autonomous driving in various places but in order to carry out demonstration experiments, it is necessary to define the requirements of the project, set the technology, verification items and survey methods in operation, and coordinate and implement guidelines for related parts. There are many complicated processes such as the formulation of.

Furthermore, advanced expertise such as generation of autonomous driving programs based on images and sensor information is indispensable for autonomous driving, and safe operation management and collection of verification data are also required for the operation of demonstration experiments. In addition, owning an autonomous driving vehicle at the stage of the test operation of the demonstration experiment will increase the burden on capital investment and vehicle management.

Therefore, the two companies have jointly built an “autonomous driving demonstration experiment support service program” by combining the strengths of each other with the aim of solving these problems in the demonstration experiment.

Based on the knowledge of autonomous driving technology and the track record of consulting, Macnica will consistently support demonstration experiments as a general contact point for customers, from planning of demonstration experiments to implementation work and operations of autonomous driving.

Fuyo Auto Lease purchases and owns the French NAVYA self-driving vehicle “NAVYA ARMA” from Macnica, making the best use of its specialty of automobile asset management and vehicle leasing business base, and Macnica as a demonstration vehicle for demonstration experiments.

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Navya Arma by French Company Navya

In the future, in addition to this program, we will proceed with the development of a program for leasing autonomous vehicles for the operation of autonomous driving services. In addition, it plans to utilize the nationwide maintenance factory network owned by Fuyo Lease Group to build a maintenance support system for autonomous driving service operations

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