Friday, January 21, 2022

Mercedes launches the all electric EQS 350 in Germany

The Mercedes EQS can now also be ordered in Germany as a base model for under 100,000 euros.

Daimler had announced the smaller 90-kWh battery from the outset.

Christoph Starzynski, head of Mercedes-EQ, explained that a conscious decision had been made to go for the large battery and the maximum range at the start.

“We are only at the beginning with the new platform,” Starzynski said. “The 90 kWh version will be announced for some markets towards the end of the year.”

That is now the case, with the start of ordering there is not only the official model designation EQS 350, but also the technical data on which Mercedes had previously remained silent. Specifically, the battery comes with an energy content of 90.56 kWh, which should allow a WLTP range of between 529 and 638 kilometres – depending on equipment, aerodynamics and weight.

The WLTP consumption is between 16.4 and 20.0 kWh/100km. Unfortunately, the WLTP range cannot be inferred from the battery size and consumption. The WLTP consumption is given including charging losses, but the range without.

The electric motor installed in the rear produces 215 kW and accelerates the EQS to 100 km/h in 6.6 seconds.

The unladen weight of the EQS 350 is 2,390 kilograms, the payload 520 kilograms. In addition, the EQS can carry a roof load of up to 100 kilograms. Towing capacity is 750 kilograms.

EQ head Starzynski stated that the small battery will only be offered in some markets for the time being. In the UK, the EQS 450+ is still the available basic model.

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