Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Northvolt considers building gigafactory in Germany

The Swedish battery manufacturer Northvolt is planning to set up its own cell production in Germany. It appears that they are still in the early stages of planning and possible locations are not yet known.

Nonetheless, the plans have been confirmed at the highest level: “We are in talks with several federal states about the possibility of building a factory in Germany,” Northvolt CEO Peter Carlsson told Automobilwoche.

Germany has already agreed to support the project as a project of common European interest. According to the commitment made in the framework of the second battery IPCEI, Northvolt wants to support the development of a competitive European value chain for batteries.

northvolt battery factory

Carlsson says there is no guarantee that they will locate in Germany. “There are already major challenges there, especially in terms of energy supply,” the manager said.

For the plants in Sweden Northvolt uses cheap electricity from hydropower. “We are currently investigating how we can solve this problem. Because we definitely want to meet the same standards of sustainability as in Sweden.”

The location decision could therefore not only be made on the basis of financial criteria such as possible subsidy amounts, but could also be justified with the green power supply. According to Carlsson, this is an advantage of northern Sweden. “As a result, we not only create a very small carbon footprint, but we could also produce at very favourable costs” says the Northvolt CEO. “That is the business model we are now implementing.”

As we previously reported Northvolt announced a joint venture with Volvo Car Group for battery cell development and production at the end of June. There is also an agreement with BMW.

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