Friday, May 20, 2022

Spanish EV Startup Silence presents new electric two-seater S04

The Spanish electric scooter manufacturer Silence has presented its first four-wheeled electric vehicle. The two-seater Silence S04 is to go on sale next year in two versions at prices starting at around 7,500 euros.

Silence is mainly known for its Electric Scooters and this is the first time that the Company is presenting a two Seater.

The S04 is a lightweight vehicle similar to a Renault Twizy. To improve the use of space, the two seats are not arranged next to each other or behind each other, but offset.

We found a great video on Youtube that shows some more Specs about the S04 Silence EV:

The S04 is 2.33 meter long and 1.56 meters wide.

Silence wants to offer the S04 in two versions, one corresponding to the L6e class and the other to the L7e. The L6e version has an output of 6 kW, the engine is installed in the rear. The removable trolley battery has a capacity of 5.6 kWh.

Since the maximum speed is 45 km/h, this version can also be driven with a class AM driving licence.

Silence has not yet indicated when the S04 will be launched on the market. The portal InsideEVs reports, citing sources close to the company, that the S04 is to go into production in the summer of 2022. According to the report, production will take place in Spain, but details are not yet known.

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