Friday, May 20, 2022

Startups Spirii & PowerGo planning to install 15,000 EV charging stations by 2024

PowerGo will work together with the charging platform Spirii to build a large EV charging network in Europe. The 2 Startups are planning to install 15,000 charging points in at least seven designated countries within the next two years.

More than half of the chargers will be capable of delivering high power charging at 150 to 300 kilowatts. In the press release, Spirii directly refers to Ionity and its investors Blackrock, who announced building 7,000 fast-charging stations by 2025. However, “they now face competition,” Spirii said, as they will set up 8,000 high power charging stations in just two years – if all goes to plan.

“PowerGo aspires to become one of the largest charge point operators in Europe within the next years,”

Jean-Louis Bertholet, CEO of PowerField.

Sharing the workload, PowerGo will build and operate the network using the Spirii platform for access, roaming and payment solutions.

Powergo and Spirii also announced they would come first to the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Spain, the United Kingdom, France and Scandinavia.

PowerGo guarantees that the electricity will be 100% solar energy from PowerField’s solar parks.

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