Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Toyota, Snam & CaetanoBus to develop Hydrogen solutions for Mobilty sector

Toyota has just partnered with Italian gas network operator Snam and the Portuguese bus manufacturer CaetanoBus to accelerate the introduction of hydrogen mobility in both heavy and light transport.

Snam has revealed that the aim is to support public administrations, companies and private institutions in Italy and other European countries with hydrogen mobility.

The three companies are aiming to support the entire value chain from the production of hydrogen to infrastructures for distribution and refuelling to the introduction of bus, logistics and passenger car fleets.

“This collaboration aims to promote the use of hydrogen as a key energy carrier to enable widespread decarbonisation in the mobility sector,” says Alessio Torelli, Snam’s Chief Mobility Officer. He summarises, “With this agreement, we aim to build an alliance between operators in the energy and transport sectors to offer end users competitive sustainable hydrogen mobility solutions.”

The agreement is not to be limited to Italy, but will also be implemented in other European countries.

Luigi Ksawery Luca’, CEO of Toyota Motor Italia notes: “The presence of an adequate hydrogen refuelling infrastructure is a necessary condition for developing its full potential for mobility.” He points out the importance of collaboration, that the main players in the production and distribution system work together, “…and this agreement moves exactly in this direction,” he affirms.

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