Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Unplugged Tesla Model S Plaid Beats Supercars on the racetrack (with Video)

What an amazing month for electric car lovers. It’s now official: The Tesla Model S Plaid is the fastest production car available as of today. Many said that electric cars couldn’t match the performance of gas powered engines and obviously they were just proven wrong.

After many delays Tesla unveiled its Model S plaid at an event on June 10th from its factory in Fremont in California. Priced at $129,990 the Plaid might appear a bit pricey but once you see what it can do it is probably worth it. (If you got deep pockets)

Long story short make sure to watch the video below to see the Tesla beating other supercars on the race track:

During the video we see Pobst passing supercars like the Porsche 991 GT3, McLaren Senna, and McLaren P1 as if they were regular cars. When I first watched it I couldn’t believe my eyes. Unplugged has rightfully coined this upgrade “Alien Technology”, especially for those, who do not want to believe that the million-dollar supercars now feature in the rearview mirror of a Model S Plaid. 

Little Side note: This is a tuned version of the plaid but the normal version is impressive as well.

The Plaid is no normal Sedan. Besides it’s amazing speed Its range is estimated to be around 390 miles. What makes the Plaid so special is that it can do is accelerate from zero to 60 mph (0-100 km/h) in 1.99 seconds and cover a quarter of a mile (0.4km) in less than ten seconds.  

Also make sure to check this video to hear what Jay Leno has to say about Tesla’s newest car:

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