Tuesday, May 17, 2022

US Bus Maker Gillig will use Akasol batteries for its electric buses

The North American bus manufacturer Gillig will use battery systems from the German supplier Akasol in its electric buses. Gillig has chosen the German Battery Supplier for its quality and range:

“We recognised how critical range was to our customers, so we performed an extensive market search to identify a system that provides maximum range for those customers who need it, while also providing for modularity for those with shorter duty cycles,” said Ben Grunat, Gillig Vice President of Product Planning & Strategy. “The new battery delivers a 32 per cent increase in onboard energy capacity and therefore a significantly longer range for our customers.”

The transit bus is based on Gillig’s low-floor platform and is up to 40 feet long. Gillig says that because the platform has already been in use for years, integration into existing fleets should be seamless.

The 40-foot model seats 75 passengers, 38 of whom are seated. A shorter 35-foot version accommodates 62 passengers, 31 of whom are seated. The electric drives are supplied by Cummins.

The battery systems manufacturer Akasol, based in Darmstadt, was taken over this year by the US supplier BorgWarner. A US production facility near Detroit was already announced in 2019. The new Factory is expected to go into operation at the end of 2021.

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